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Welcome to PG Imaging, where love and visual storytelling converge to create wedding memories that last a lifetime. Established in 2023 by Kyle and Isaiah, PG Imaging is not just a videography company; it's a testament to the passion and creativity these two visionaries bring to every story they capture.


What We Offer

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The Overview

The “Overview” package is a beautiful, 4-7-minute fully edited sizzle reel summary of your big day filmed by two videographers. This package includes aerial drone footage, and coverage will begin at bridal prep. Videographers will also film the ceremony and the reception that follows up to three hours . The final edit of the video will include soft, joyful, background music. Coverage of groom prep and audio of the ceremony, reception, and speeches are not included in this package. Couple will receive one final copy of the final video.

The Dream

Watch all your fantasies come to life as the “Dream” package is an emotional 7-20-minute fully edited and in depth-look at your special moments filmed by two videographers! Coverage will begin at both groom and bridal prep and aerial drone footage is included. Videographers will also film the ceremony and reception with no time limit. Original audio from each part of the day will be included in the final edit. Couple will receive two final copies of the video as well as all unedited footage from the ceremony.

The Movie

Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions! The “Movie” package is a cinematic 20-60-minute documentary where PG Imaging tells the story of your love. In this package, our two videographers will be at your service as early as the day before and will be the last people to leave your reception. This package includes aerial drone footage, interview sessions, all original audio, and more! Footage will be edited behind cinematic audio. Couple will receive two final copies of the video as well as all unedited footage from each part of your day.


Along with Videography, we also offer a photography package that covers your day from beginning to end.

Unedited Footage

For those looking to save money, we offer couples the option to purchase unedited photos or raw video footage from their wedding day.

Other Events

Although we specialize in weddings, we are able to capture and edit any of the special events you want to remember! Contact us for more info!

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How We Got Here:


In 2020, the seeds of what would later become a burgeoning creative venture were sown in the most unassuming of places – a college dorm room. Kyle and Isaiah, two young individuals brimming with passion and a shared love for visual storytelling, embarked on a journey that would lead to the formation of PG Imaging. This is the story of their ascent in the world of media, where they transitioned from a humble dorm room discussion to becoming sought-after videographers.

Genesis of PG Imaging:

Kyle and Isaiah's journey started in 2020 when they were simply having a conversation in their college dorm room. As students with a fervent interest in videography and visual arts, they realized they had an opportunity to channel their creative energies into something meaningful. The desire to use the skills they had learned and express themselves through the medium of videography sparked their initial conversations.

The Birth of PG Imaging:

In that dorm room, the duo conceived the name "PG Imaging." The 'PG' stood for their initials and "Imaging" represented their shared vision for creating compelling visual content. This was the inception of a brand that would soon make waves in the world of multimedia.

From Podcast to Visual Storytelling:

The first significant step taken by PG Imaging was the launch of a podcast titled "All Things PG." It was an ambitious venture where they discussed various aspects of life, creativity, and their journey as burgeoning videographers. The podcast, which ran for almost a year, helped them connect with a growing audience while honing their skills in audio storytelling.

Reigniting Their Passion:

However, Kyle and Isaiah soon realized that their true passion lay behind the camera, creating captivating visual narratives. While the podcast was a remarkable experience, they missed the thrill of capturing moments, telling stories, and bringing their artistic visions to life through videography.

The Rise Continues:

From that humble dorm room discussion in 2020, Kyle and Isaiah's venture, PG Imaging, continued to grow. Their journey from a dorm room conversation to a podcast and then back behind the camera is a testament to their unwavering passion and dedication to the art of storytelling. With each project they undertake, they further solidify their position as rising stars in the world of videography.

Destination Weddings:

Although we are based in New Jersey, we are available and willing to travel wherever you may be to capture your special day! Contact us and ask about our destination wedding package for more information.



Are travel expenses included in your pricing?

Travel expenses are typically not included in our pricing and may vary depending on the location of your event.

How far in advance should we contact you to discuss our event?

It's best to contact us as early as possible to secure your date and discuss your event's details and requirements.

What types of events do you cover?

We specialize in a wide range of events, including weddings, corporate events, parties, and more.

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